One Platform - Many Solutions for Energy Optimization

With our etaONE® platform and etaEDGE® IoT gateways we provide digital infrastructure to analyze and optimize your energy systems and assets. Whether in the cloud or on-premises, we synthesize your data and deliver AI applications for your business that add real value with significant reductions in energy costs and CO2.

Control Optimization for Supply Systems​​

The energy performance of complex supply systems like cooling, heating or ventilation systems depend on numerous influences.

With the help of artificial intelligence we learn system dynamics of energy systems, identify energy wastage and calculate optimal control strategies to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions. Optimization goals incorporate both energy efficiency and energy flexibility targets (e.g. peak load management, real-time pricing) as well as technical restrictions.

Load Forecasting

The energy demand of your assets depend on numerous influences like productivity, weather or disturbances.

With accurate load forecasting energy purchasing can be adjusted to actual demand and energy flow optimization can respond to peak loads at an early stage. This not only saves costs in energy procurement and electricity / gas grid utilization fees, but also reduces energy demand and CO2 emissions by operating plants in a forward-looking manner.

Machine Learning Orchestration​

AI algorithms are finding their way into more and more areas of business. For a successful application in the company, AI scripts must be developed and deployed in a simple way.

With the Scripts module of the etaONE® platform, we offer an integrated way to orchestrate ML/AI applications in Python. This includes executions triggered by schedules or events in secured environments – directly connected to the etaONE database. Energy Intelligence is thus just a button click away.

Energy System Data Hub​

Have all relevant data of your energy systems in one place. Document single assets with all information such as pictures, key figures, manuals or other files. Use templating and inheritance to manage multiple instances of asset classes with minimal effort.

Define physical ports and combine assets via connections to create energy systems of any complexity. Link time series data from technical monitoring to features of your assets and know your system status at any time – automatically archived and searchable.

Technical Monitoring​

Whether asset monitoring, energy monitoring or building and comfort monitoring, whether during start-up or operation stage – connect automation systems like PLCs, BAS, BMS or measuring systems to etaONE® for recording and evaluating all relevant real-time metrics such as operating conditions, volume flows, temperatures or pressures, energy and media consumption.

Calculate performance indicators, define alerts, visualize data in highly diagnostic dashboards and get your periodic report directly into your mailbox.

Environmental Performance Monitoring​

Collecting environmental data help the management to understand the effects of the company’s environmental performance on profitability. Having all energy and media data in one place allows calculation of the operational CO2 footprint.
Define equivalent metrics (e.g. CO2, primary energy, costs) for selected asset and system features and have the calculation done automatically based on time series data recorded from technical monitoring.

Multiple Applications.
In every Industry.

Relevant Cross-Sectional Technologies​

Cooling Systems

Dry/Wet/Hybrid Chillers, Compression/Absorption Chillers, Heat Exchangers, Pumps

Heating Systems

Combined Heat and Power Units, Heat Pumps, Gas/Electric Heaters, Heat Exchangers, Pumps

Ventilation Systems

Ventilators, Air Handling Units, Heat Exchangers

Peripheral Systems

UPS Batteries, Backup Generators, Electric Vehicles

Focus Industries

Data Centers

Cooling Systems, Air Handling Units, UPS Batteries, Backup Generators

Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Cooling & Heating Systems


Cooling & Heating Systems​, Factory-bound Electric Vehicles

Energy Utility

Heating Plants, District Heating, Backup Generators, Electric Vehicles