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Empowering Efficiency: Next-Gen Energy Management

Unlock the potential of next-gen energy management to optimize energy consumption, streamline operations, make better data-driven decisions and drive sustainability in today’s dynamic energy ecosystem.

Energy Management

Tackling Energy Teams Challenges

Lack of High Quality Data

Data Integrity is Paramount: Ensure access to accurate, timely, and comprehensive energy data. This foundation is critical for making informed decisions, predicting trends, and driving efficient energy management strategies.

No Energy Accounting

Precise Energy Tracking: Ensure energy consumed is accounted for, and allocate expenses efficiently to relevant cost centers.

Unable to Measure Energy Performance

Quantifiable Energy Performance Metrics: Implement Energy Performance Indicators (EnPIs) that allow you to measure the tangible benefits and ROI of your energy-saving initiatives.

Unable to use Data- and AI-driven Optimization

Leverage Advanced Analytics: Integrate and utilize cutting-edge AI and data analytics tools to turn raw energy data into actionable insights. These insights can lead to optimized energy consumption patterns, reduced costs, and improved sustainability metrics.

Lack of Knowledge Insights

Harnessing AI for Enhanced Efficiency: Use advanced machine learning to identify energy wastage, optimize assets, and highlight areas for significant improvement.

Surprise Energy Bills

Proactive Bill Management: Utilize automated forecasting and billing insights to detect irregularities and predict upcoming expenses accurately.

Mismanaged Saving Initiatives

Structured Savings Approach: Implement a comprehensive management system that ensures each proposed energy-saving action is tracked and effectively executed.

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Empowering Your Energy Management

Enhancing Energy Management with etaONE®: The Future of EnMS

Connect to diverse monitoring systems like PLCs, BMS, or DCS using etaONE® for real-time data on operating conditions, flow rates, temperatures, and more. Harness the power of advanced analytics to set alerts, craft visually intuitive dashboards, and receive detailed reports directly to your inbox.

We make energy systems transparent. From energy capture, performance metrics analysis and energy controlling to compliant documentation.

Real-time Monitoring

With the EDGE IoT gateway integration, experience effortless connectivity and seamless integration with various field devices or software systems. Keep a vigilant watch on your system's health, ensuring potential issues are flagged before they escalate.


Benefit from our extensive library tailored for diverse asset/system types. Gain a comprehensive overview of your energy systems with minimal setup, streamlining EnPI tracking and efficiency enhancement.


Leverage predefined energy performance metrics for precise tracking of your assets and systems. Data processing happens in the background, providing instant access to insights whenever required.


Harness the power of advanced analytics for a comprehensive energy view. Our tools provide transparency, helping organizations identify potential areas for savings. From simple visual dashboards to intricate data dissections, our tools offer deep insights, ensuring optimal energy strategy.


Act swiftly with our proactive alerts. By promptly identifying energy anomalies or wastages, you're equipped to initiate corrective measures immediately, ensuring optimal system performance.

Customized Solutions

Every organization's energy needs are unique. We partner with you to understand these intricacies, delivering solutions that align perfectly with your goals and objectives.

Seamless Integration with AI Suite

With etaONE® at the core, enjoy seamless integration of advanced AI functionalities for superior energy management. This synergy results in precise forecasting and optimal energy consumption.


Stay ahead in an ever-evolving technological landscape. Our commitment to innovation ensures you're always equipped with cutting-edge functionalities, keeping your energy management strategies future-proof.

The etalytics® Advantage

Innovative Solutions, Measurable Impact

Unmatched Energy Efficiency

Rapid Return of Investment

Sustainability Leadership

Reliability & Stability Assurance

Top-notch Project Management

Easily Scalable Solutions

Proactive Monitoring & Maintenance

Continuous Innovations & Regular Updates

4 Steps to Success

Your Journey to Next-Gen Energy Management

Our four-step optimization process is characterized by straightforwardness and expertise. It guides you seamlessly from the initial assessment to global implementation.

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Begin your journey by scheduling an appointment. Our team will assess your specific needs and challenges, laying the foundation for a tailored energy management software strategy.

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Experience our platform’s power firsthand. Seamlessly integrate it into your IT systems, then start building your digital twins and performance metrics. Witness your energy systems becoming more transparent and obvious where to start optimizations.


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Dive into the potential of our platform with a free demo. Explore projected energy savings and discover the transformative possibilities tailored for your company.


Roll out globally

After realizing the benefits at one site, it’s time to expand. Extend our solutions across your entire sites, ensuring peak efficiency at every location.

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Explore the real-world transformations achieved with etalytics. Dive into our inspiring collection of success stories where industry leaders have partnered with us to navigate the journey to excellence.

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