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Powering Progress: AI-driven heat control optimization in Pharma

A renowned European pharmaceutical firm with multiple production facilities faced challenges in energy management, particularly in coordinating heat and electricity demands. In their quest for a solution, they adopted our etaONE software, tailored to address their unique needs. The software enabled them to model and optimize their supply system, integrating data from various sources. As a result of the implemented measures, the company realized a 5% cost savings and a 1285 MWh/a energy savings, while significantly reducing their carbon footprint by 697 tCO2e annually.


A prominent European pharmaceutical company, this organization stands out for its extensive research and development initiatives. Their global footprint is evident in their several production facilities spread across different regions, showcasing their expansive reach and capacity. In the pharmaceutical industry, energy systems play a crucial role in ensuring the efficacy and safety of products. These systems, often encompassing advanced heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units, as well as specialized refrigeration and temperature control mechanisms, are vital for maintaining the precise conditions required during drug formulation and storage. The organization’s commitment to excellence is further demonstrated by their state-of-the-art energy systems, ensuring optimal production processes and the highest standards of product quality.


The client faced a significant challenge in coordinating heat and electricity demands, specifically in transitioning between electricity-driven and heat-driven processes. Additionally, there was a pressing need to minimize balancing energy and to have decision support for energy procurement.


The client discovered us while seeking an optimal solution for their energy management challenges. They chose our software, recognizing it as a tailor-made answer to their specific needs. With etaONE, they were able to model the dependency of the supply system on external factors such as electricity prices, gas prices, heat demand, and electricity demand. Moreover, our software allowed for seamless integration and optimization of data from various sources, ensuring optimal control signals for their operations.


  • Installing etaONE and set up the data infrastructure.
  • Introducing virtual measuring points for enhanced transparency.
  • Developing dashboards and KPIs for dedicated system monitoring and efficiency tracking.
  • Optimizing the operation of heat generators.
  • Improving the performance of the heat distribution system.
  • Providing continuous recommendations for energy procurement.


After adopting our software, the client witnessed remarkable positive outcomes. They achieved a cost savings of 5%, coupled with an impressive energy savings of 1285 MWh. Moreover, their commitment to sustainability was evident as they successfully reduced their carbon emissions by 697 tCO2e annually.


Currently, we are collaborating with the client to develop additional concepts to improve energy procurement and optimize other energy systems at additional locations.

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