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Optimal Control for Data Center Cooling Systems

Equinix Real Estate GmbH, a leading operator of advanced data centers, collaborated with etalytics to enhance the efficiency of their cooling system using AI-driven strategies. Through comprehensive analysis and the implementation of the etaMIND AI Suite, they achieved significant energy savings of 900 MWh/year and reduced carbon emissions by 240 tCO2/year. This pioneering approach not only benefits Equinix but also sets a precedent for sustainable practices in the data center industry.


Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), is the world’s digital infrastructure company™ that specializes in the operation of state-of-the-art data centers. The Equinix (Germany) GmbH is the sole owner and operator of the addressed Data Center “FR6” in Frankfurt am Main with a capacity of more than 3.000 cabinets on more than 6.600 sqm area. Equinix utilizes large-scale cooling systems for its computing infrastructure, consisting of compression chillers, condensers, water pumps, hybrid chillers, heat plate exchangers and buffer tanks.


The task is to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the cooling system during its standard operation to ensure that all the energy converters within the system are harmoniously coordinated. The analysis should focus on their specific operating points, factoring in both external and internal influences that might impact their performance. The objective is to optimize the system’s efficiency and effectiveness by considering all potential variables. The journey was marked by three pivotal challenges. First, ensuring precise data was a complex task due to external influences, affecting sensor accuracy. Second, stringent safety standards demanded flawless cooling system performance. Finally, gaining trust and understanding from technical stakeholders for the innovative AI approach was essential.


The Control Optimization solution of our etaMIND AI Suite can be used to analyze and optimize the operation strategy. Coupled with the Energy Intelligence infrastructure of the etaONE platform and etaEDGE IIoT gateways, data acquisition is realized in real-time and the optimization control loop is closed by updating setpoints in the building control system.


  1. Creation of the data infrastructure by deploying the etaONE platform, the etaEDGE IIoT gateway and the etaMIND AI suite.
  2. Data ingestion through plug-and-play connection of all relevant data points.
  3. Data cleansing overcoming data distortion caused by external factors
  4. Creation of digital twins by coupling the telemetry data with the information model of the power system.
  5. Parameterization of the energy system equipment and creation of the optimization model
  6. To reinforce data center operational safety, an intricate safety concept was rigorously designed and implemented
  7. Implementation of dashboards for visualization and monitoring of the system and optimizers
  8. Step-by-step commissioning together with Equinix energy teams
  9. Ongoing monitoring of optimization results and system operation in etaONE


There was significant optimization potential. By coordinating and refining the cooling system equipment’s setpoints, we saved 900 MWh/year in electrical energy, reducing emissions by approximately 240 tCO2/year.


The successful AI-driven operational optimization can be replicated in Equinix’s global network of data centers, offering the potential for significant reductions in carbon emissions. Beyond their own achievements, Equinix and etalytics are leading the way in demonstrating how AI and sustainability-focused strategies can shape the data center industry towards a more energy-efficient and environmentally responsible future.

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