Etalytics Energy Intelligence Platform

Our η platform is the core of the etalytics technologies, which is based on a modern Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) architecture and offers the perfect framework for the use of high-performance AI technologies.

The platform-independent software has basic functionalities such as reading sensors, managing and visualizing data and controlling actuators. The platform is complemented by AI-based extensions, the η modules, offering methods for automated mathematical optimization of plant operation and for machine learning-based analysis procedures for energy data. The high degree of automation of our platform makes it possible to operate even complex energy systems simply and reliably.

Through open interfaces and a modular approach, the platform can be flexibly extended by additional functionalities through third parties.

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Data Analytics Engine

Stream energy and process data right into the platform. Our energy intelligence service will analyze the data stream and both detect unplausible data and anomalies. Time series data are stored in a high-performance database and can be utilized as batch-data for performance calculation or model fitting.

Multilingual on Cloud and Edge

Got multiple Teams working together globally? No problem! For international sites and teams the software language can be adjusted according to your needs. We can run the platform on your hardware on-premise or host it on the cloud on secured European data centers.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Our platform was specifically optimized for usability to effectively support the often overloaded energy management departments with intuitive processes. An augmented guide assist while using the software and links just into the right spot of the extensive documentation if necessary.

Device-agnostic & Responsive

The web-based software frontend can be used on your desktop PC, notebook, tablet or mobile on Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS or Linux. It's highly responsive and adjusts according to your screen size.

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