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Energy Optimization

Welcome to the epicenter of innovation in energy management. Our suite of products redefines the way industries optimize, control, and monitor their energy systems. Dive into a world of smart solutions designed to elevate efficiency and sustainability. 

Transforming Energy Management

Innovate. Optimize. Excel.

At etalytics, innovation isn’t just a buzzword – it’s our guiding star. We’re on a mission to transform industries through cutting-edge energy management solutions that redefine what’s possible. Our suite of products stands as a testament to this commitment, offering you the tools to tackle industry challenges head-on. From optimizing efficiency to reducing costs and enhancing sustainability, our products are the key to unlocking your full potential. Join us on this journey of innovation and explore how our solutions can revolutionize your industry.

etaONE® Platform

etaONE® is the solution for digitalization and AI-driven optimization of your energy systems. It provides all necessary tools for data-driven analysis and optimization – robust, flexible, secure and easy to implement.

etaEDGE® IIoT Gateway

Our versatile gateway etaEDGE® provides the connectivity you need to bridge the gap between your industrial systems and the digital world. With support for various protocols and robust security measures, it offers a reliable and flexible solution for your IIoT connectivity needs.

etaMIND® AI Suite

Discover the future of energy management with etaMIND®, a forward-looking solution comprising two powerful tools, etaCONTROL and etaFORECAST. With AI-driven precision, etaMIND® empowers you to optimize your energy systems and elevate decision-making, reshaping how you manage your energy needs.

etaEMPOWER® Services

Energy management is about the support, the peace of mind, and the tailored solutions. With etaEMPOWER®, you’ll experience a level of service that ensures your energy infrastructure operates seamlessly. From diligent platform monitoring to personalized installation and hosting support, we’re here to empower you at every step.

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