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Unlock up to 50% savings on energy costs of your industrial supply system with etaONE®. Our intelligent, data- and AI-driven approach delivers significant cost and CO2 reductions swiftly and effortlessly across various sectors, from data centers to industrial quarters.

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Achieve significant cost savings through AI-driven solutions, enhance your operational efficiency, gain comprehensive system transparency and control with detailed dashboards, and ensure reliability with predictive maintenance analytics.

Achieve Significant Energy Savings

By integrating the etaONE platform, you can achieve substantial reductions in energy consumption. 

Optimize Costs and Reduce Peak Loads

Adjust your energy usage according to the fluctuating energy prices by strategically charging and discharging energy storage systems.

Forecast Energy Usage

Gain confidence in your energy planning with our advanced forecasting tool, which predicts energy usage with a 95% accuracy. 

Receive Threshold Warnings

Set dynamic thresholds that allow predefined fluctuations and receive timely alerts when KPIs enter the alert zone or exceed thresholds.

Gain Full Transparency

Experience full transparency and operational oversight with the personalized dashboard feature. Monitor your data in real-time.

Exploring 'What If' Scenarios

Empower your decision-making process with the scenario analysis by exploring the effects of different scenarios.

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Energy Demand

Improve energy efficiency and reduce peak loads.

CO2 Emissions

Save resources and reduce CO2 emissions.


Lower energy costs and grid usage fees.


Help the energy management team to do more in less time.

in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Future-Proof Your Energy Management Operations

Overcoming Industry Challenges


Modern energy systems are becoming increasingly complex

Additional complexity arises from heat recovery and sector integration

A wide array of technologies, methodologies, and practices are available for innovation

Complex data patterns often conceal costs, making them hard to identify

Economic and
Regulatory Challenges

Customers expect sustainability and high quality in supply

Financial investors require strict compliance and high performance

Rising energy costs drive the need for smarter investments in efficiency measurements

Evaluating the RoI for complex efficiency measures is increasingly challenging


There is a scarcity of skilled professionals in the energy sector

It’s rare to find expertise that combines data science, energy science, production technology, and information systems

Energy teams are under significant pressure to meet growing demands with limited resources

The industry is increasingly leaning towards automation

Innovation at its core

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