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etaONE® is the solution for digitalization and AI-driven optimization of your energy systems. It provides all necessary tools for data-driven analysis and optimization – robust, flexible, secure and easy to implement.


Your Swiss Army Knife for
Energy System Optimization

Introducing etaONE®, the core of etalytics’ advanced technologies. This multifaceted platform, which is like a Swiss Army knife for data-driven energy system optimization, offers an array of modules designed for the in-depth analysis and visualization of intricate energy systems. Utilizing data- and model-based methods, etaONE® calculates digital twins, ensuring continuous monitoring of system behavior while optimizing predictively, considering a multitude of variables.

Features Overview

From Complexity to Clarity

Asset and System Modeling

In the realm of complex energy systems, one of the most daunting challenges is deciphering and managing intricate infrastructures. This is where our Modeling feature steps in, transforming complexity into simplicity.

Comprehensive Library

Access a vast library of element types that facilitate thorough system modeling.

Efficient inheritance

With our streamlined inheritance mechanism, elements such as ports and connection types are inherited automatically.

Customized Elements

Customize elements to fit your specific requirements.

Precise Asset Management

Maintain, oversee, and categorize assets efficiently.

Structural Clarity

Create a clear visual representation of your system with the Scope Diagram.

Swift Search and Filtering

Find what you need quickly and effortlessly.

Bringing Insights to Life

Data Visualization

With etaONE, we transform raw data into insightful visualizations, enabling you to gain a deeper understanding of your energy systems. Explore your data from various angles, make informed decisions, and take your energy management to the next level.


Customize your dashboards with images and text to add context to your data. Our dashboards are highly adaptable and reusable, allowing you to configure variables and queries to match your unique requirements.

Series Analyzer

Experience data analysis at its fastest with the etaONE Series Analyzer. Easily identify patterns, anomalies, and trends without the need for a full dashboard.


Explore the intricacies of your individual infrastructure effortlessly with etaONE Scopes. This feature offers clear and dynamic visuals, with connection types adjusting their color and animation speed for intuitive understanding.


Coming soon: Compile comprehensive reports, such as monthly PDF summaries, to stay informed and share key insights with your team.

User-centric Design

Our UI is shaped by user insights and active feedback, ensuring it's visually appealing, intuitive, and customizable. From a user-friendly dark mode to personalized colors and icons, it's designed to meet your preferences.


Create user roles, restrict resources, and distribute permissions to teams. Define who has access to what, with precise and finely scalable control over user permissions.

Explore Our Widget Types

Our diverse range of widgets empowers you to explore, analyze, and optimize your energy systems effortlessly. With each widget, you gain a unique perspective on your energy data, helping you make informed decisions and drive efficiency.

Coming soon: Sankey Diagram!

Time Series Chart

Our Time Series Chart offers a detailed view of energy consumption and production over time, enabling you to spot patterns, anomalies, and trends.

Correlation Chart

Our Correlation Charts allow you to analyze correlations between multiple variables: up to four dimensions.

Category Chart

With the Category Chart, you can visualize energy data by grouping it into categories, making it easier to identify variations and trends within specific segments.

Gauge Chart

Gauge Charts provide a concise and visual representation of key performance indicators, allowing you to track the status of your energy systems in real time.

Annual Duration

The Annual Duration Curve offers insights into the distribution of energy values over the course of a year, helping you make data-driven decisions for seasonal adjustments.

Heatmap Chart

Heatmap Charts highlight temporal patterns and deviations in your data, making it simple to pinpoint unusual energy consumption or production behavior.

Your Data, Our Expertise

Storage & Processing

Time series data is the foundation of effective data-driven insights. For etaONE®, we’ve developed an advanced database that is optimized for the vast troves of data generated by energy systems. Explore the key features that set our database apart.

Optimized for Time Series Data

Data Sampling

Efficiently select data points for analysis, enhancing data accuracy.

Gap Filling

Seamlessly fill missing data gaps to maintain data continuity and integrity.


Automate complex calculations like sensor corrections and KPI computations.

Retention Policies

Coming Soon: Manage data volumes by retaining essential data points and summarizing older data.

Performance, Precision, Peace of Mind


Grow your data storage and processing capabilities as your needs evolve.

High Performance

Experience rapid data retrieval and analysis for real-time insights.

Data Security

Rest assured that your data is protected with top-notch security measures.


Seamlessly import and export time series data in CSV files.

Streamline your Workflow


With etaONE®, automation and precision come together for streamlined energy management. With our Trigger Management System, you’re in control, ensuring that tasks, responses, and communications align with your operational needs.

Scheduled Triggers for Timely Actions

Time-based triggers allow you to schedule tasks, such as optimization script runs, at intervals that suit your needs, ensuring operational efficiency.

Condition-Based Triggers (Coming Soon)

Define triggers using "if" statements to automate actions when specific events or data conditions occur. For example, configure triggers to respond if a device goes offline or if a job fails.

Element Error Handling

You can define triggers that automatically take action when elements display errors. For instance, receive alerts if a parameter doesn't return to normal within a specified timeframe.

Notifications Engine

Keep your team in the loop. Customize who gets notified and how, ensuring that critical information reaches the right people at the right time.

Fine-Tune Your Solutions

Python Scripting

Harness the power of Python to tailor your energy analytics with etaONE®‘s versatile scripting capabilities. With Python as the foundation of our AI applications, you have the flexibility to create and fine-tune your own applications.

Script Editor

Edit scripts effortlessly using our user-friendly script editor. Customize your applications and create specialized solutions that align with your unique requirements.

Seamless Plot Integration

Plots and visual representations generated through scripts are seamlessly integrated and securely archived.

Customized Python Environment

Enjoy the freedom to choose your Python version and dependencies, creating a tailored development environment that suits your needs.

PySDK Library

Our PySDK library is specifically designed for the etaONE platform. Easily access data without the need for complex API integrations.

Coming Soon

Smart System Health Monitoring


With our precision assessment criteria and real-time insights powered by AI, we ensure your energy systems operate at peak efficiency, detecting anomalies, offering recommendations, and simplifying system health evaluation.

Assessment Criteria
and Intervals

Customize your assessments and evaluation intervals with precision. Utilize time series data to set threshold values, generating alerts when they are approached or exceeded. Efficiently gauge system health with visual indicators using color-coded and icon-based alerts, making assessments a breeze.

Machine Learning
and AI Integration

Monitor all script executions and system activities. Implement real-time anomaly detection to swiftly identify irregularities and issues. Additionally, benefit from energy efficiency recommendations derived from machine learning insights.

Always Advancing, Always Optimizing

A Comprehensive Suite of Tools

etaONE® is your Swiss Army knife for optimizing and analyzing energy systems.

etaONE® brings together a comprehensive suite of tools to empower your energy analytics journey. We’re committed to evolving with the latest technologies and features, driven by a deep dedication to meeting your needs. Your feedback is essential to us, and we actively encourage you to share your insights and suggestions through our feedback form. Feel free to suggest new features!

At etalytics, we believe in continuous improvement, so there is always more to come!

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