Unlocking the Power of AI for Energy Intelligence.

Discover the future of energy management with etaMIND®, our forward-looking AI solution comprising powerful tools like Energy System Control and Energy Forecast. With AI-driven precision, etaMIND® empowers you to optimize your energy systems and elevate decision-making, reshaping how you manage your energy needs.

etaMIND AI Energy System Control

AI-driven Energy System Control Optimization

etaMIND AI Energy System Control offers a dynamic library including a versatile collection of supply system types, enabling you to easily construct a model for operational optimization and describe your optimization challenges. You have the flexibility to refine models and adapt them based on evolving data. Whether you’re seeking to build a simulation for scenario analysis, implement AI-based pre-processing and filtering, or integrate static and dynamic cost parameters, etaCONTROL is your comprehensive resource.

Live Optimization

You can simulate optimization scenarios, optimize offline or in real-time. Performant optimization caters to both small and large energy systems, with rapid sub-minute optimizations and high-resolution optimizations extending up to 24 hours and longer. Furthermore, etaMIND AI-Control enables you to explore trajectories for future behavior.

Seamless Integration

etaMIND AI Energy System Control seamlessly integrates with the etaONE® platform, connecting to the scopes and features and becoming an integral part of your infrastructure.

Robust Optimization

etaMIND AI Energy System Control has fallback mechanisms for robust optimization of critical infrastructures. Its robust physics-based modeling ensures reliability.

etaMIND AI Energy Forecast

AI-driven High-Precision Energy Forecast

etaMIND AI Energy Forecast offers valuable energy predictions that help you make informed decisions. This multifaceted tool provides demand and price forecasts, allowing you to forecast state variables and influencing factors such as prices, loads, and environmental temperatures. It functions as a virtual measuring point and employs a multivariate, automatic feature engineering process that identifies pertinent influencing variables.

Auto ML Approach

Employing an Auto ML approach, etaMIND AI Energy Forecast identifies the optimal ML model architecture for fully automated forecasting, delivering reliable predictions for your data.

Confidence Intervals

etaMIND AI Energy Forecast provides you the ability to generate confidence intervals, offering a clearer understanding of the potential range of outcomes for your energy management strategies.

Seamless Integration

etaMIND AI Energy Forecast seamlessly integrates with etaONE, ensuring that you have up-to-date and accurate predictions for efficient energy management.

Informed Decision-Making

With our forecasting tools, you're equipped to make data-driven decisions. This informed decision-making process ensures that every action taken is backed by insights, leading to more efficient energy management.

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