Your Gateway to Industrial IIoT Connectivity

Our versatile gateway etaEDGE® provides the connectivity you need to bridge the gap between your industrial systems and the digital world. With support for various protocols and robust security measures, it offers a reliable and flexible solution for your IIoT connectivity needs.

Top Notch Industry Connectivity

Universal Datapoint Integration

etaEDGE® seamlessly integrates with multiple software systems like OPC-UA, Modbus TCP, BACnet, and LoRaWAN, also supporting various REST APIs. This diverse protocol range guarantees compatibility with many third-party solutions. Need a unique protocol? Reach out for a custom interface quote.

Secure and reliable, ideal for industrial automation. Enhances interoperability and real-time data exchange.
Popular in industrial control, ensuring smooth data flow and command execution between devices.
Tailored for building automation, improving system operation and occupant comfort.
Allows flexible interaction with various web services and third-party applications.
Long-range, low power protocol suitable for IoT, extending connectivity and battery life.

A closer Look at more etaEDGE®'s Features

Secure & Robust Connectivity

Enhanced Data Security

etaEDGE® prioritizes data security. We employ state-of-the-art encryption protocols to ensure your data is protected, maintaining the utmost security.

Robust Data Handling with Queueing

In the event of a connection interruption, etaEDGE®'s queueing system ensures data continuity. Information isn't lost; it's queued and processed once the connection is reestablished, enhancing robustness in data management.

Scalability and Versatility

Our platform supports the connection of multiple gateways to a single central platform. For example, you can create a global cluster with etaONE® as the central hub and individual gateways for each site. This flexibility ensures seamless scalability across your network.

Flexible Data Transfer

Whether you prefer raw data or customized information, etaEDGE® gives you the choice. Tailor the data transfer process to your requirements.

Adjustable Data Retrieval Intervals

Control when and how data is retrieved. Set intervals for data collection, down to a value or timestamp per second, ensuring adaptability to your unique operational needs.

Industrial Environmental Compatibility

etaEDGE® adheres to temperature and industrial environmental requirements. It’s designed to meet specific demands, making it adaptable to various conditions and industrial environments.

On-Demand Data Pre-Processing

etaEDGE® offers data pre-processing capabilities, allowing you to filter out sudden spikes by using moving averages. This process is only done on-demand and can be tailored to your specific needs, enhancing data quality on the edge.

Automatic Updates

Keep your system always up-to-date with the etalytics update infrastructure. Enjoy the latest features and improvements without hassle.

Making etaEDGE® work for you

Flexible Deployment and Integration​

Select from a variety of deployment options that align seamlessly with your IT necessities and preferences. Opt for centralized, decentralized, virtual, or on dedicated hardware to meet your specific demands. We excel in maximizing resource efficiency and minimizing expenses by strategically deploying virtual gateways, eliminating the necessity for excess physical infrastructure as a standard approach. When required, we adapt with agility, deploying on industrial edge hardware and providing options for LoRaWAN wireless connectivity, ensuring your system operates at its peak performance.

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