Maximizing Efficiency.
For a CO2 neutral world.

Our Vision

is to provide important services to the world delivering insights and actions to maximize energy efficiency – reducing costs and CO2 emissions.

Energy Intelligence.
Simple. Efficient.

Our Mission

is to make energy and resource information universally accessible and efficiently create data-based value.

Company Profile

Etalytics is a software provider for energy intelligence solutions to increase energy efficiency and flexibility through data-driven and energy engineering processes. The etaONE platform from etalytics enables customers to structure, visualize, analyze and optimize their energy systems to reduce CO2 emissions and energy costs. As a spin-off from the Technical University of Darmstadt, etalytics thus brings innovative data analytics and machine learning technologies from research to application – for data centers, production plants, smart quarters/cities, energy suppliers and building complexes. With etalytics, you can find and tap new energy efficiency potentials and support your energy management team sustainably.

Our Daily Drivers

Every day, we work on technologies that really matter and create added value for our customers and our world.


The digital transformation of our society and economy is both a challenge and an opportunity. Data and algorithms give us new insights into complex matters like energy systems. Our research drives innovations to get the most out of energy systems – to increase efficiency and conserve the limited resources of our world.​


Increasingly complex technical systems and algorithms challenge us all. Proper energy management is challenging and requires a lot of time and interdisciplinary knowledge. Crucial to success: user-friendly software that helps you complete the necessary tasks, analyses and optimizations quickly, with minimal stress and errors. We truly believe that interaction with our software must be self-explanatory and fun.


Our natural environment is a priceless part of our heritage. We truly believe in all our responsibility for preserving this only earth for future generations. Energy efficient technologies and the integration of renewables in all energy sectors is a major mission of our society, which we are designated for with our products.

We are etalytics.
Meet our etalysts.

The Team behind

etalytics brings together the best minds from IT, computer science and engineering. As an interdisciplinary team, we work on complex technologies to continuously develop our products and maximize customer benefits. Passion for deep tech and sustainability, motivation, agility and individual strengths characterize our team.
Together we accomplish amazing things and build our dreams of a sustainable future.




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Energy Management

From Research to Industrial Practice

The etalytics Story


A major customer can be won and the development of the etaONE platform for optimizing plant operation is completed. Our software now optimizes assets from both cloud and on-premise instances. Thus, the etaCONTROL solution is available to the German market. In addition, etalytics receives the DBU Green Start-up grant and becomes part of the ESA Incubator. The HEAG Startup Fund invests in etalytics and supports further steps towards growth. Several large research projects are starting to develop further innovative AI-based solutions for industrial energy management with our participation.


After the start of the EXIST founders grant, etalytics GmbH is founded on 09.01.2020. The first project for the optimization of data centers begins and can be completed with great success. In autumn 2020, etalytics receives the Hessian State Award in the category electricity. In parallel, our growing development team continues to work diligently on the etaONE platform and our etaEDGE IIoT gateway. The first customer environment was deployed in the cloud at the end of the year.


The founding team is completed with Björn, an experienced software architect and DevOps engineer. In addition, a business plan is developed within the framework of the BMWi’s Digital Innovations Start-Up Competition, through which the etalytics team wins the main prize and the special prize for digitalization of production. At the end of the year, the etalytics team wins the climate competition of the city of Frankfurt.


During our work at the ETA factory in connecting and managing thousands of data points as well as integrating innovative artificial intelligence approaches, we repeatedly encounter limitations of software systems available on the market. The first ideas for own software solutions mature. Niklas and Thomas start talking about a spin-off and start developing first prototypes of the etaONE platform.


With the BMBF-funded Copernicus project SynErgie, one of the largest energy research projects in Germany is starting with the goal of aligning industrial processes with the fluctuating supply of renewable energies. Founder Thomas Weber, who is responsible for research into mathematical programming for optimizing operations, is also involved.


The PHI-Factory research project is the start of a joint scientific project under the leadership of founder Niklas Panten, during which essential experience will be gained in relation to energy data analytics and industrial energy management.


The foundation stone of the ETA-Fabrik, a research and demonstration factory for innovative energy efficiency technologies, is laid and thus also the foundation stone for our later following spin-off. Our founder Niklas is responsible for energy flow monitoring and energy flow optimization in the factory and drives the digitalization research topics in the research group towards a focus on Artificial Intelligence.

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Advisory by Research & Industry

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eberhard Abele

Head of the Institute for Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools (PTW) at Technische Universität Darmstadt


Wolfgang Blumschein

Managing Director
Isoplus GmbH


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Weigold

Head of the Institute for Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools (PTW) at Technische Universität Darmstadt


Dr. Ana-Marija Ozimec

Sen. Business Development Manager
Entega AG


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Florian Steinke

Head of the Institute for Energy Information Networks & Systems Lab (EINS) at Technische Universität Darmstadt


Dr.-Ing. Matthias Panten

Managing Business Consultant

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