Another milestone – „Ideas competition for Climate Protection” Frankfurt

Blog // February 14, 2020

2020 is treating us well so far. A further milestone for etalytics has been reached by winning the “Ideas Competition for Climate Protection 2019” of the city of Frankfurt . Because of the innovative character, CO2 savings and economic efficiency of our project we were awarded a prize money of 22.000 € on 06.02.2020 in Frankfurt.

The city of Frankfurt would like to convert its energy supply completely to renewable energies by 2050. For this goal, energy consumption is to be reduced by 50%. Together with our industry partner Equinix, we will analyze the energy system of a data center. Data centers are major energy consumers in the city of Frankfurt . We will have a closer look on the operation strategy of the cooling supply system identifying potentials by using artificial intelligence to optimize both the energy efficiency and energy flexibility. The latter will allow the energy demand to adapt to volatile energy supply of renewables and help the city of Frankfurt to achieve its climate protection goals. We are looking forward to an exciting project!

Funded by the City of Frankfurt am Main

Image Source: Municipal Energy Agency of the City of Frankfurt / Photo: Salome Roessler.

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